12 12 12 in 2012 so far.

A list of marathons/ half marathons/ and 5 K’s done so far in 2012.

MARATHONS – 1 down, 11 to go

1. A1A Ft. Lauderdale Marathon     http://www.a1amarathon.com/

2. Labor Day Marathon http://www.charliealewineracing.com/


1.  Gasparilla Classic Half Marathon  http://www.tampabayrun.com/

2. Swamp House Half Marathon http://www.swamphousehalfmarathon.com/

3. Tour de Pain Half Marathon http://www.1stplacesports.com/extreme.html

4. Disneyland Half Marathon http://www.rundisney.com

5. Beach Running Championships

6. Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

7. St. Augustine Half Marathon

8. Xterra WildHorse

It’s tough to find the long races to run in Florida.  The racing season here is almost too short, from November until February.  Which is good for most, since a marathon is a very time consuming not to mention traumatic event for most bodies. 

Still, when one sets a goal, there should at least be the tools to reach it.  Run Faster.  Run Longer.  Travel more.


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