It’s good to be a winner

Last night I ran in the Harvest Hustle 5K over in Baldwin Park, Orlando.  This is  my third year running in this race, and I finished with a time of 22 minutes, which made me number one in my division.  Three time legacy, three time winner!

The award is a glass pint cup, which doesn’t seem like much in the way of bling.  But the feeling you get from winning a race more than makes up for it.  I wasn’t number one overall.  I was in the top 10% of finishers for the 3.1 mile run, which had over 300 participants.

But that’s what I like about small local races.  I should have worn a costume, because it was a Halloween run, but maybe I dressed up like a winner?  Or a good runner?

Anyway this was one of my best times in a 5K, and knocked almost 3 minutes off my time from year 1.  Of course year 1 was my first year running seriously, but that just goes to show that with practice you get better.  I may not be able to race the 17 year old who won in 16 minutes, but I can keep up with some of the guys who’ve been running for 20 years.

One of my co-workers ran her first 5K ever, and finished in 45 minutes.  She kept saying how long it took her to finish and I kept reminding her that she did finish.  By the end of the evening, she was ready for her next race and wanted to knock 5 minutes off her time.  That’s how to set real goals in running.  Just plan to knock a little bit off each time and keep at it.

Runners run.  And sometimes runners win.  And both feel pretty darn good.


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